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   Ø      Scheduled roll-offs for community use

Ø       Participate in the mayor’s spring and fall cleanups

Ø         Is a link between the neighborhood and the various community festivals held during the summer

Ø        Cooperates with the Hampstead Hill Academy –such as school fund raisers

Ø         Attended presentations concerning the new Red Line (MTA)

Ø          Solves issues of illegal dumping presented to the association

Ø          Contacted the Rat Control program for residents

Ø          Works with residents and the Department of Public Works about trash pickup problems

Ø          Attends meetings with the Southeastern District Police Community Relations Council 

Ø        Works with the residents and the Liquor Board regarding concerns

Ø         Works with the Friends of Patterson Park concerning park activities

Ø          Works with the Southeast Anchor Library      

Ø          Closely works with the PALS group

Ø          Informs the residents of the ongoing activities at the Patterson Park Audubon Center

Ø          Partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to help educate the community regarding the upcoming Census. 

Ø          Will work as a liaison between the community and the Baltimore Medical System

Ø         Will assist the community residents in ways to conserve energy in their homes and/or businesses

Ø         Will work with the 46th District Maryland State Delegates 

Ø         Is participating in the Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge

Ø         Will work with the Outreach Committee for Baltimore City Public School’s Parent and Community Advisory Board

Ø       Provides a link between the Police Department’s Southeast Neighborhood Services Department and the residents of the area

Ø       Works with area bar owners in providing letters of support and acting as a mediator between the bars’ owners and the residents in case of problems or concerns

Ø       Has close relationships with the state representatives of the 46th district in Maryland

Ø       Works with the Southeast Community Liaison of the Department of Transportation regarding transportation problems in the area such as street paving, alley repaving, traffic lights, sidewalks, etc.

*   Works with the Baltimore City Fire Department
      to provide fire safety information to the 
      members and residents.

*    Works with the Office of Community Health,
      Johns Hopkins Hospital, 550 North Broadway

*   Will work with Councilman Kraft and others
      to help solve the problem of moving the 
      John Booth Center to Patterson Park  

*    Will assist various groups who intend to use 
       Patterson Park for major events

*    Will act as a go between the residents and 
       neighborhood bars    

*    Will assist residents in the area who are having 
      problems with zoning variances   

*    Will work with the Hampstead Hill Academy by
       developing activites that would involve middle
       school children's service learning hours

*     Will work with the PTO of the Hampstead Hill
       Academy regarding their project "Teachers' Wish

*    Will support the Patterson Park Master Plan update
       and surveys

 A LIST OF GUESTS WHO HAVE MADE PRESENTATIONS AT OUR MEETINGS IN SEPTEMBER 2008, OCTOBER 2008, NOVEMBER 2008, JANUARY 2009, FEBRUARY, 2009, MARCH 2009, APRIL 2009, MAY 2009, JUNE 2009, september, 2009, OCTOBER 2009, NOVEMBER 2009, JANUARY, 2010, (FEBRUARY, 2010 MEETING CANCELED),  MARCH, 2010, APRIL 2010, may, 2010, june, 2010, SEPTEMBER, 2010, OCTOBER, 2010, NOVEMBER, 2010, January, 2011 february, 2011, march, 2011, APRIL 2011, MAY 2011, JUNE, 2011, october, 2011, April, 2012, MAY 2012, September 2012, nOVemBER, 2012, january, 2013, march 14, 2013, May 9, 2013, SEPTEMBER 12, 2013, oCTOBER 10, 2013, NOVEMBER 14, 2013, JanuAry 9, 2014 MARCH 13, 2014, may 8, 2014, october 9, 2014, MARCH 12, 2015, MAY 21, 2015, OCTOBER 7, 2015, NOVEMBER 12, 2015, JAnuary 14, 2016, february 11, 2016 AND aPRIL 14, 2016.

1.    James Kraft - Baltimore City Councilman, First District

2.    Beth Donovan-Rosborough - Community Relations Coordinator, Community Relations Department,  Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Steven Robinson - Neighborhood Liaison for the Neighborhoods of South and Southeast Baltimore City

4.    Amanda Smit - Community Outreach for the Enoch Pratt Southeast Anchor Library

5.    Geri Swann - Director of Community Outreach for the Hampstead Hill Academy

6.    Cheryl Casciani - Baltimore City's Office of Sustainability

7.    Eva Glasgow - Baltimore City's Office of Sustainability

8.    Tiffany James - Special Assistant/Public Relations Manager, Administration of the Parking Authority of Baltimore City

9.    Stanford Leach - Parking Specialist of the Parking Authority of Baltimore City

10.  M. Shane Duffy - Director of FutureCare at Canton Harbor

11.  Shawn Harby, Esq. - Attorney for those seeking to purchase the bar formerly known as Chuck's Place

      12.  Jerry Heid - Senior Citizen Liaison Officer of the Baltimore City 
             Police Department

      13.  Owen Charles - Supervisor of Assessments - Baltimore City

      14.  Stuart Johnson - Department of Transportation - Baltimore City

      15.   Matthew Hornbeck - Principal of the Hampstead Hill Academy

      16.    Rick Diehl - Focus Development

      17.    Sandy Marenberg - Synergy Development/HTA Team

      18.    Rod Womack - Synergy Development/HTA Team

      19.    Kelly Pfeifer - Community Law Center

      20.    Myrtle Koethe - Southeast Community Action Center

      21.   Carolyn Krysiak - Maryland State Delegate for the 46th Legistlative 

   22.   Caroline Brooks - Southeast Community Liaison for the Baltimore City
                                        Department of Transportation

      23.   Elizabeth A. Green - Maryland State Bar Association - Elder Care

      24.  Mr. Robert Anderson - Director of Animal Control for Baltimore City

      25.  Ms. Adriane Thomas - EarnBenefits/Tax Preparation Coordinator for     the Baltimore CASH Campaign

      26.  Ms. Lida Bates - U.S. Census Bureau

      27.  Ms. S. Dale Thompson - Bureau of Solid Waste of Baltimore City

      28.  Ms. Meghan Gorman - Community Aide for 1st District Councilman
                                                Mr. Jim Kraft

      29.  Mr. Chris Ryer - President of the Southeast Community Development
                                      Corporation (SECDC)

      30.  Ms. Emily Heinlein -       Program  Manager, Connecting  Families/Conectando Familias,            Baltimore Medical System

     31.  Ms. Alice Kennedy - Community Liaison, Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge 

    32.  Mr. Brian McHale - Maryland State Delegate, 46th District, Baltimore     City

     33.  Ms. Cailin McGough – Community Initiatives Coordinator, Office of the Baltimore City Council President, Bernard C. “Jack” Young

34. Mr. Alfred Griffin - member of the Outreach Committee 
           for the Baltimore City Public School's Parent  and
      Community Advisory Board 

    35. Dr. Ray Bahr, Coordinator Harris Creek Watershed Project

    36. Ms. Joyce Adamski - President of the Southeastern District Police Community Relations Council

    37. Ms. Rachel Myrowitz - Community Liaison, Baltimore Red Line

  38. Mr. George Shardlow - Community Liaison Assistant, Baltimore Red Line

    39. Officer Ckyyou - Southeast Neighborhood Services, Baltimore Police Department

    40. Mr. Alex van Breukelen - Possible new owner of what is now called the Clutch Sports Lounge at Hudson St. and Kenwood Avenue

    41. Mr. Robert Corradi - Community Aide for Baltimore City First District Councilman, Mr. Jim Kraft

    42. Mr. Bill Ferguson - Maryland State Senator, 46th District

43. P/O Kevin Bailey - Community Liaison, Southeastern District,
          Baltimore City Police

     44.  Mr. Jody Landers - Candidate for Mayor

     45. Ms. Stacey Harrison - Southeast Community Liaison, Department 
            of Transportation

     46. Ms. Maria Aldana - Community Programs Coordinator at the Creative Alliance

     47. Marian Anim - Jesus is Lord Crusades' Coordinator

     48. Ede Taylor - Project Coordinator, Office of Community Health, Johns
           Hopkins Health Systems

     49.  Captain Chris Diehl - Captain of Engine House # 41, Baltimore City 
            Fire Department

     50.  Mrs. Yankova White - Southeast Liaison and the Eastern
            European Coordinator, Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods
     51.  Mr. Travis Bishop - Virginia's Premier Race Organizer and President 
            of Bishop's Events from Fredericksburg, Virginia

     52.  Mr. Rob Murrow - Baltimore City Recycling Coordinator

     53.  Ms. Mousumi Bose - sponsor of the Global Foundation for Peroxisomal
     54.  Mr. Will Murdoch - Assistant Sponsor of the Global Foundation for
           Peroxisomal Disorders

     55.  Ms. Lynda Meier - Assistant Sponsor of the Global Foundation for
            Peroxisomal Disorders

      56.  Mr. Tom Looney - member of the board of the Maryland Mobile Food
             Vendor Association

      57.  Ms. Evelyn Vargas - Community Liaison, Southeast District, Department 
            of  Public Works
      58.  Ms. Tiffany James - Parking Authority, Baltimore City

      59.  Ms. Maria Aldana - Outreach Coordinator, Creative Alliance

      60.  Mr. Liam Davis - Community Liaison at Baltimore City Council
                                        President's Office

      61. Ms. Anita Pilch - President of the Parents Teachers Organization
                                      (PTO) at the Hampstead Hill Academy

      62. Office Todd Brown - Police Officer, Neighborhood Services Unit,
                                            Southeastern District, Baltimore City
                                            Police Department

      63.  Mr. Donoven Brooks - candidate for Sheriff of Baltimore City

      64.  Ms. Arlenn Proto - Assistant Principal of the Hampstead Hill

     65.  Ms. Geri Swann - Community Outreach Coordinator, Hampstead
  Hill Academy

     66.  Mr. Linzy Jackson - Community Liaison for the Southern and 
    Southeastern Districts of Baltimore City
   and Youth and Education Specialist, Baltimore

      67.  Ms. Linda Stewart - Community Relations Coordinator, 
  Bayview Medical Center, Johns Hopkins

      68.  Mr. Michael Snidal - Director of Community Engagement, Citizens 
            Planning and Housing Association (CPHA)

     69. Ms. Jekisha Elliott - Healthcare Access Maryland Certified 
          Navigator and Team Leader for Baltimore City

    70.  Ms. Liz Richards - Representative for Brooke Lierman, candidate for 
           Maryland State Delegate, 46th District

    71. Brooke Lierman - Democratic candidate running for Maryland State 
          Delegate, 46th District

    72. Zane Hadzuh, Kristin Boja, and Alice Kennedy - Office of Sustainability

    73. P/O Joe Tracy - Community Liaison, Southeastern District, Baltimore
          City Police Department

    74. Jeff Amoros - Community Aide, Office of First District Councilman, 
          Jim Kraft

    75.  P/O Joseph Tracy - Neighborhood Services, Baltimore City Police 
           Department, Southeastern District
    76.  Katie Miller - Peaceworker Fellow from !st District Councilman
           Office of Jm Kraft 

    77.  Jess Davison - Education Coordinator at the Creative Alliance

    78. Kelli Barbato - Community Relations Coordinator, Johns Hopkins
          Hospital, Bayview Campus

    79. Jeffrey Featherstone - Patrol Officer, Baltimore City Police Department,
          Community Relations, Southeastern District

    80. Jerry Hoskins - Kiwanis Club
   81 . Edward Marcinko - Candidate for 1st District Councilman,
          Baltimore City Council
   82.  Zeke Cohen - Executive Director, The Intersection in Baltimore City and
                               Candidate for 1st District, Baltimore City Council

   83.  Mark Parker - Pastor of the Breath of God Lutheran Church and
 Candidate for 1st District, Baltimore City Council

   84.  P/O  Austin - Southeastern District Baltimore City Police Department

   85. Linzy Jackson - Liaison Officer 1 at City of Baltimore Department of
                                 Public Works

   86. Carl Stokes - Baltimore City Councilperson 12th District, Baltimore
                             City Council and Candidate for Baltimore City Mayor

   87  Lizzy Unger - 
Community Outreach Fellow at Baltimore City Health       

   88.  Liz Copeland - Republican Candidate for 1st District Councilperson
                                 Baltimore City Council

  89. Katie Miller - Shriver Peaceworker Fellow - Office of Jim Kraft,                                  1st District Councilperson, Baltimore City Council





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